Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where would I be working next?

I have worked a little towards learning Horary Astrology and have found it amazingly correct provided the question is right at the right time.
There is a technique in that to find lost items. I remember I once did a Horary Chart and an astrological chart spread with Tarot cards to get the answer Where would I meet my next romance. Well I don't know the credibility yet, since I haven't met him, but I gave this yet another chance using the same technique with my lenormand cards.

By placing 3 cards each in each sign of the zodiac circle, while focusing on question where would I be working next as an employee, and using Anchor to signify my full-time permanent stable job, I found it in 9th house with Letter+Flower.

Using this method which I have used for my horary charts too, I get a sense about places and locations.(You have to click the last tab "Places" for hints about locations related to each house).

Nine - abroad, travel
Far away, different country, with strangers. High places, shelves, the attic, airplane, airport. College, church, courtroom, in-laws, publishers, wedding

With my Natal Jupiter also placed in 9th, I'm not amazed at all. I have ruler of both my 4th and 11th in 9th house and I don't have a single friend living any place near me, they are all from different cultures, different countries. I have been told time and again that having ruler of 4th in 9th can be a relocation to a far off place.All the three cards belong to the spades suit, is that a bad sign. With Letter and Flower however it looks like I will get an appointment or offer through formal letter.Letters are slower than phone calls, but there is nothing negative about both Letter and Flower cards. The Letter and Flower can be work related to beautiful words (drafting letters so that customer can be satisfied etc)Besides that I'm born under the Sign of Aries and the number for Mars is 9, the Flower cards is 9 and Letter card is 2+7=9. The house they fall in is also 9.
5+3 is 8 which is number of financial gains and 9 is the number of power and energy.

This tells me that either I will be working abroad, or with foreigners may be in a college and I should apply to an airport too.  I have already applied to a foreign company where major dealings are with off-shore clients. Good bye to the banks!

Update:I got a job, its an overseas office of a foreign company, I should have seen Ship here, but its basically document related work and pleasant workplace (Flower+Anchor). I did this reading on 13th December, and I took the interview on Dec 16, and got the appointment call right after 9 days. The cards have been on-spot :)

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