Saturday, December 3, 2011

Treppner's Course; Past,Present, Future Spread predicted Truth

I have been using Iris Treppner's course which you can Buy Here ,as my guide throughout my learning process and I have found it most accurate till date. The interpretations and everything works wonderfully. I was going through the course material and found The Cross Layout for past present and future.

For this you need a significator, about who you are inquiring. I want to know about my life generally and I choose Lady card for that.

The Layout is here, where
     9-       2    - 10
5 - 1 - Sig/13 - 3 - 7
     12 -   4     - 11

As usual, Cards to left are Past, the column the significator falls in is Present , cards to right are Future.

Card 5 and 1 tell us what happened in past that led to present situation. cards 9-12 are transits from past to present. The cards 6,2,13,4,8 are Present situation. Cards 10-11 are transits to future and cards 3-7 are Future.

My lay out is here:

Past: Clover +Fish : Clover is something small and Fish is usually about finances, so taking both by literal meanings, it means small financial gain or financial independence at a smaller level. This can be true because the only financial gain I have had has been through my scholarship and nothing else. There have been lots of stresses but I guess life has started recovering itself.
2+34 = 36-Cross = The hand of fate has served me well. I have been through carrying my burdens.

Transits from Past to Present: I have been looking forward to more or new kind of financial independence (Stars-Fish) and I have seriously been struggling , while I have taken a few interviews (Fish - Birds) about the same cause.My hopes (Stars) has taken me towards me a new road where I have to decide (Roads) what I want to do. I have reached a point where my way is not clear to me (Clouds-Roads).
The conversations about work I have been having (Birds) are going to bring me some news (Rider) related to more stability in terms of job (Anchor).

Present: Right now, I don't even know where I'm heading (Clouds-Roads) and I'm totally stressed and mentally blocked because a news I have been waiting for has not been arriving (Anchor-Rider) blocked due to mountain, some blockages that are to stay for a while.

Future: Since I have too many unclear options (Clouds-Roads) in my head, this will lead me to a man, who is Older and wiser (Lilies) and is with a woman (Snake) or having some complications (Snake).
Lilies -Snake is predicting a complicated affair, or a sexual affair. But it will be full of energy and passion (Sun). The news about job (Rider-Anchor) which I have been anticipating will bring success (Sun).

UPDATE December 20th, 2011: This has come so freakishly true for me. The news about job arrived and brought success and the wiser, older man, with a woman already also appeared. I hope it does not end up being an affair. This reading has been my truest so far.

Update February 06,2012: I did not update this one but I'm in love with a guy who is far more wiser and mature than I am, complications are there (snake) but I'm very happy thus far (Sun).


  1. Is it me, or did Iris Treppner stop selling her course?

  2. no, its available. I have just got it from her website.
    I could not find it, as the site is in German, but emailed them and got it that way.
    Would highly recommend it.

  3. Thank you Satyam for replying to the comment. Blogger had a glitch and it wasn't allowing me to comment. Thank you again Cheers

  4. Hi,

    What is the best course, Treppner's or Britta's ?

    1. Hi

      I think both are fairly similar but I have found Treppner good for basic learning. I learnt my very basics from treppner. Now I have Britta's too but I don't peek too much into it, specially for meanings. so I suggest Treppner worked for me really well. You don't really need any other course after Treppner's