Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pre-exams reading

This reading was done in first week of May regarding my exams.

Q: How will my exams go?

Whip + Snake + Book + Fish + Roads

Book was pre-selected for exams. 
Line of Five with Pre-chosen middle card
First thing, All cards except the pre-chosen card, are court cards. A couple from same suit. The Jack and Club are not facing each other, a disagreement and an argument. The King and Queen of Diamonds are facing each other, a strong bond.

This shows me if this is about the disagreement between me and a class mate and if it will be resolved during exams. 

Whip + Snake is usually an eloquent man. Whip is also the card of trouble, and Snake the complications. Not a good sign.

Fish + Roads = This usually means income from two sources, but in terms of exams, it will simply means because confused because of the MCQs. In my exams 50% of the question are Multiple Choice Questions. The thing with these kind of questions is that if you get it right, you get full marks, if you get it wrong, you lose it all. I have some love-hate feelings for this kind of questions (depends how many I answered correctly). So basically there is an equal chance, a 50% probability to win or lose it all.

Book + Snake could means trouble in exams, twisted questions etc
Book + Fish = indulgence in exams, being inside a bubble kind of feelings

Whip and Roads are the cards of Two's. Trouble lies in not knowing which one to choose. Conflict, choices, options, problems! You get the picture.

Snake + Fish = well, plenty of problem.

The spread is not positive at all. I see trouble in first 2 cards, and not knowing which option is better in last two cards. My exams were exactly that. Most of the questions caught me off guard. I'm not very studious type, but I manage to ace the class. I do not give myself another option. The exams, 5 courses, were all a mix. Some were good, some were bad. In one particular question I knew the answer, but I skipped the given details, and I ended up answering it wrong. Only later I realized that Ethernet can be extended using repeaters, only you cannot use more than 4 repeaters. See, I knew the answer and yet I answered it wrong, because I skipped the detail and question was twisted (Book + Snake).

I will throw me another spread to ask about the result.

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