Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reconciliation, possible or Not? (Updated)

This spread has been done for a lady F who has been married for about 3 years now. The marriage has seen a few good days and mostly bad ones. She has moved out since last week and has been staying with us since then. She asked me if there will be a reconciliation with her husband. The matter which is the point of argument between them is another young lady who is her relative by marriage.

Q: Will there be a reconciliation between F and her husband?
Pre-chosen : Ring

Rider - Storks - Ring - Heart - Mice

There has been a message which caused some improvement in the past. A relative from the other side tried to sort the matter between them. In the coming influences there is a clear heartache. I do see a reconciliation any time soon and a change is on the horizon. With Mice ending the line, it will not be something most welcome.If I take Queen of Hearts as her and the Jack of Hearts as him, looks like he is trying to work things out but she is not (she is facing away from him). Storks - Ring - Heart tells that the marriage will be saved after an improvement. The love however, may not be the same.

Update: A message came by from the husband's side, a middle man who offered his services for hearing the story from both sides and trying to bring both families on a table and put the concerns out. This has been the only improvement in the matter so far.

With the same question in mind, this time without pre-choosing any card, I dealt five cards:

Flowers - Garden - Moon - Lady - Man

woowwhh! Flower and Garden is obviously a good sign. The Moon in the middle suggests that there will be success. Moon - Lady tells me that may be her mother will play an important role in this. Flower - Garden suggest a happy meeting, some chat and then matter reaching conclusion. The story says they might get an invitation to a party at night and they come across each other. The only thing which concerns me here, is that Lady and Man both are facing away from each other. So may be they reach reconciliation but things remain a little colder between them for quite sometime. We have two 8s and 2 Aces in this spread. Two Aces say leadership and authority and two 8's mean pleasure and good time.

Opinions and suggestion are welcome.

Update: There has a been a reconciliation recently. They have moved back together and I have no clue whether they have sorted their differences out or not yet but apparently things look good. The Moon was obviously pointing towards success, her mother played a really important part. A really charming man was also a dominant party to the reconciliation. 

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