Sunday, May 27, 2012

Movie Plot for Girl with dragon tattoo

Q: What is the plot of this movie I'm going to watch?

Tree - Snake - Child - Fox - Clover

The Child in the middle tells me the theme of the movie is a young girl. The Fox shows she is sly or she is very shrewd. The Snake also shows she is extremely dangerous, complicated and clever. Both Fox and Snake around her make her very clever and smart, yet cold and aloof.

Tree could mean the plot is slow moving. There are complications which take time to reveal themselves and a lady is assisting in, may be, discovering something about the younger lady (Snake - Fox). Clover in the end shows that by the end , a hint of luck helps discovering or getting away with something (Fox - Clover).

I slept without updating this but throughout the movie I was thinking about this spread and its accuracy and my prediction. The movie actually is about this young girl who is dark, mysterious, gothic (Snake) and she is extremely good at detective work (Fox). She assists the guy in solving a really old mystery (Snake-Fox) and the mystery gets resolved very very late in the movie when an idea just strikes the guy. In the end we see her moving on with her life (Fox - Clover). The guy says about her "she has a rough life" which is explained by Tree-Snake and she makes her way towards good days using her really clever ideas and she even uses a mask, a get-up to achieve that (Fox -Clover). She uses fake passports and fake name etc. She was really thin and slender (Snake) and foxy (Fox).

Tree - Child - Clover, after a period of wait and patience, she finally gets lucky and she makes sure she gets the most out of it. 

The cards were very accurate yet again!


  1. WOW!
    I hope you don't consider this a spoiler but... you were very accurate in my opinion....

    1. Yes the spread was very much accurate. The girl could not have been described better than Snake and Fox.