Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie night and Lenormand

I did a quick Line of Five to ask what the movie I'm going to watch tonight be about.

Q: What is the plot of the movie I'm going to watch tonight?

Line of Five for movie plot
First thing I noticed, There is King of Hearts at one end and Queen of Hearts at the other and rest of the cards lie between them. The story is about a guy and a girl, possibly a couple (Suit of Hearts). The lady is interested in the guy but the guy is facing away, not interested. The card in the middle is Ring, which is a relationship or a contract. The presence of Letter shows its a contract. Ring + Tree can be a long-term contract or a karmic connection. House - Letter shows that there is contract for house which later changes to a strong relationship. The Storks in the end shows things change a lot towards the end.Ring + Tree also means life-long partnership which brings improvements.

Both Letter and Tree are 7 of Spades and Tree. Two 7's mean life change.

I will update after I'm back.

Update: The movie was about a girl who is determined to have her own wedding planning company. She meets this guy who helps her out and they start the company. They have a strong bond and one night when they are drunk they make love. The girl falls in love with the guy but the guy avoids her after that (Queen facing towards King and King facing away). She breaks the contract and throws him out. After a long time of playing around and failing they come together again and things are happy afterwards.

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