Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daily Draw May 27, 2012

Weather : Hot/Clear

Daily Draw May 27, 2012
Cards: Moon + Book + Cross

Key Card: Moon

Key words: dreams, recognition

Prediction: The Moon is a complex card. One one hand it shows the dark side, the intuition, the dreams, the subconscious and illusions. On the other hand it is public recognition, fame and being in spotlight. The Book next to it may be a secret or something I know a little about. The Cross is the last card, which sums it up, or ends it, and it is pain, suffering and whatever lies to the left does not matter any more.

Moon + Book may be the knowledge, or my interpretation of the dreams. I've been unable to decipher my dreams these days since I sleep late after watching some movie and then I can't remember them next morning. The Book refers to my studies/project as well. The Cross is the card which brings pain, suffering but its the pain you cannot avoid.

Moon + Book  = dream interpretation, secret coming out in open, recognition through knowledge
Moon + Cross = painful dreams, painful recognition
Book + Cross = pain which is not known yet.

What Happened in relation to cards: Observation: I had to do something which jeopardise my image in front of a lot of people who are close to me. It was something related to the trip about which I have posted the latest post. I decided I would not want to go. This definitely caused some disruption, and arguments resulting in leaving me depressed. I don't like the Cross at the end.

The Moon + Book was recognition through studies, the result of the Scholarships program was up and my name was on the top. That was a big deal for me. The Book + Cross was the GPA which was lower than the last time, sad! Moon + Cross was the emotional dilemma I was facing and therefore, suffering.


  1. Sorry to hear this, but that's life with ups and downs, right, with the MOON BOOK recognition by study and learning, MOON CROSS generate emotion that cause suffering and cargo unknown CROSS BOOK grief and pain you are experiencing now, Of course I understand, respect, blessings-

    1. You are right on. I was going to update it today because the result of my scholarship program was announced and my name was on the top. Also I was greatly stressed yesterday about choosing between one of two.I also had a little trouble with my Mother (Moon)