Friday, May 25, 2012

Daily Draw: May 25, 2012

Weather : Hot/Clear

Daily Draw May 25, 2012 
Cards: Letter - Dog- Sun

Key Card: Letter

Key words: An email, a message, mail
Prediction: It will be a happy message from a friend. This friend is someone warm and optimistic. The news about success is expected from a friend.

What Happened in relation to cards: I was down, depressed and sad despite all my efforts to cheer myself up. It was about a friend's message in the afternoon which shook me to the core. I was very much depressed. Throughout the day I found myself questioning his motives. The Sun was no where.
Then at around mid-night, he rang me up and all my doubts which were nagging me in the head throughout the day were just useless. The Sun appeared at midnight.

Observation: When the cards tell you something good will happen, then you must know it will happen. Just have faith!

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