Thursday, May 24, 2012

Continued reading from March-May reading (Updated)

Here is the first part of this lady's story and now she has asked me to do another reading using the same layout for she and her Lilies guy.

Using Heart again for the theme card,

Past: Coffin - Child - House
 The past shows an ending and a new beginning which brought her some peace and comfort.

Present: Lady - Heart - Mice

She is in love, it shows, but she is worried at the same time. The cards around Mice are House and the other card is Roads. Mice eat whats to the left and as a result you lose whats to the right. The Mice is eating at her feelings of privacy, comfort and security (of being single) and as a result she is losing her options/alternatives. From the draw we did last time, when she was single and not feeling like binding herself with one person, this looks obvious. The one disadvantage which comes with having an exclusive relationship.

Soon : Next two weeks: Flowers - Stars - Roads
She will feel happy, might get an invite at night, and this will again put her at a crossroad.  Stars with Roads shows that if the right choice is made, it will bring success for her.

Immediate: Next two months (till July 24th)
Fox - Whip - Storks
There is something wrong there. Lies will cause trouble, or extra caution will cause trouble, but discussions will help sorting things out. 

The Answer, Trigger Row:
Child - Heart - Stars - Whip
The love they share is pure and innocent, and is budding right now. There is lots of success for this relationship in near future. The Whips usually represent conflict and trouble but with Stars I don't think it will be any disastrous one. Whip is also physical passion, specially its with Stars which says "music" in Treppner's course. 

We have 5 positive, 4 negative and 2 neural cards (Heart was pre-chosen so not included here). Things look smooth for next two months.

Update: Things were pretty smooth for the Time from May to July.There is a new budding romance which is still in the immature phase. There are some problems budding right now, some aggression issues, the Whips card is showing itself.

Update: By July 24th they had a major trouble, an argument which led to lot of trouble.

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