Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Draw: May 21, 2012

The cards for today were:

May 21, 2012 Daily Draw
Cards: Coffin + Man + Flowers

Key Card: Coffin
Key words: illness, pain, ending, depression

Prediction: Today is the day when some sort of depressing or draining things will happen. The Coffin usually brings something which causes mental depression in a daily draw.
With Man, it can be a Man in pain, or pain coming from a Man.
With Flowers its a short-lived illness, pain, which will heal quickly and the happiness will return. If the Coffin had come after Flowers, then that was a worrisome spread.

What happened in relation to the cards:

My friend is ill. He has allergy (Coffin + Flowers) and he was ultra depressed about it. I told him not to worry because it will be fine soon and he asked me , how soon. May be I should throw him a spread to ask how soon his problem shall be resolved.

Another thing that happened was a small misunderstanding between me and another friend (Coffin + Man). This was depressive too, for both him and me, but we did reach a resolution , the Flowers part. He actually is a gentle and pleasant soul.

Coffin + Man = Man is ill, man is depressed/ man causes pain
Coffin + Flowers = allergy, pain is short-lived, happiness reached again
Man + Flowers = pleasant, charming man 

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