Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Draw May 22, 2012

Weather : Raining
Daily Draw: May 22,2012
Cards: Ring + Rider + Lady

Key card: Ring
Key words: Connection, contract

The Ring has already represented my strong emotional attachments in the past. Today as well I think its about that. The Rider is visitor or a news which comes your way. Lady can either be me or another LADY around me.
A lady will visit me and I have a strong connection with this lady or a relationship is moving rather too fast which keeps me on my toes.

Another super surprise, I pulled Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs from the playing cards deck too for today. Two Aces means leadership and authority. Aces are the beginnings. The order of the cards placement is however reverse in the other spread. Lets see how it manifests today.

What happened in relation to the cards:
The Ring was actually the legal contract this guy has with me for my final year project's modules. He is supposed to deliver them to me within this week. He rang me and gave me this good news that it was almost complete and that it will be delivered on time. Happy news.

Ring + Rider = News about a contract
Ring + Lady = a contract which directly binds me
Rider + Lady = message delivered to me.

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