Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is he seeing another woman?

This Line of Five was done when I asked "M" about his being so busy and occupied these days and he started acting all secretive.

Q: Is he romantically involved with another woman?
Man was pre-chosen to anchor the reading.

Anchor - Fish - Man - Tree - Garden

No woman, no cards for love, dating, romance , nothing. I do see work and social responsibilities though.
Anchor is the card of work and Fish, the finances. He works in a financial institute, so I can sense he has been plenty busy with his work, and possibly the work connections (Anchor - Garden). The Fish - Tree shows work being slow and steady. It can also mean that in the past, he has been too much busy with the work, and now he is taking some rest.

Interesting part of the reading, all these four cards are surrounding him, in my monthly GT which I drew weeks ago here.

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