Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bear; the powerful one!

I pulled these cards for today.
Daily Draw May 1 ,2012

I was looking at Bear as me, or my strength. It was an official holiday here so we had a plan to go out of city to see my grandmother who has been living with my uncle. The Tree could explain because this is where I belong and this is where my mother/father and whole family belongs, the ancestry and the roots. Whip was the card which was troubling me.

Bear for me represents a man , a person with power and of course someone who loves food. Bears are very protective and nurturing, they are with good business sense and are financially very secure. They love good things in life and good food.  On the downside, they do not accept being dominated, they believe they are the one with an upper hand.

Tree, generally about health, longevity, well-being, growth etc.

Whip is the trouble, arguments, conflict.

Bear + Tree = A financially secure man, a blinkered person
Bear + Whip = trouble with someone of power
Tree + Whip = long lasting struggle 

So Bear was representing my brother today. He does not live here, he rather is a traveller kind of guy. He is the Bear in the family. He is sometimes too argumentative and provoking others for a fight. He, however, gets detached quickly if he does not get the kind of attention he wants.

He had a trouble with a police officer when we were on the way to see my grandmother. He had the trouble because he looks out for trouble because he believes he is the one with most power and authority and he can question the law. The matter got sorted despite his attempts to challenge the authorities, and we returned back without going anywhere. He has not stepped out of his room since then. I think he will struggle with himself for a little longer than we expect.

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