Friday, May 25, 2012

New Moon in Gemini Reading (Updated)

We had a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Gemini on 20th of this month. The New Moon was at 0 degrees Gemini I pulled two sabian Symbols for last week and this week, both in Gemini. This New Moon, energized with the Solar eclipse was in my 9th house of higher education, travel and foreign matters. I am expecting to make some travel plans this month, and I hope that it happens just as I want it but nothing has been confirmed yet. The New Moon reading says the following.

New Moon in Gemini 2012

The First card usually expresses your thoughts at the moment. The 27-LETTER shows that I have been anticipating a news which I am. The Clouds and Bear around it shows that the news is expected to clear up some doubts and provide me with the strength which I need. The Mountain however, is blocking the news.

This was right since its been five days now and the expected news has not yet arrived.

The Mountain in the middle will cause delays. The central card anchors the reading and this time the anchor is the Mountain which is card of obstacles and delays.

Past: Letter - Clouds - Garden
There have been anticipated a news which is causing trouble, confusion among me and my peers.

Present: Bear - Mountain - Scythe
A lot of power and strength is required to get over the mountain and make a quick decision.

Future: Roads - Child - Key
A decision promises a fresh beginning and new start.

Letter - Bear - Roads = A news about someone strong and protective is making me make a choice
Clouds - Mountain - Child  = I have no idea how to get to the other side of the mountain where my new start is awaiting me.
 Garden - Scythe - Key = a cancelled event, cutting back from socialising will bring some solutions, answers.

Diagonals: Letter - Mountain - Key
The delayed information will arrive, but after a while.

Roads - Mountain - Garden
The decision is tough one to make but it will bring joy.

Letter - Child - Garden
A news about a gathering involving young children.

Roads - Clouds - Key
The uncertain options are making the answers unclear. No options, no answers, no certainties.

Letter - Roads + Scythe
a news about parting ways will come up unexpectedly.

Garden -Key + Bear
some event is definitely happening and it will bring security, strength and power.

Update June 3, 2012
Delays have been in everything I'm doing. The email I sent to my instructor which included my almost completed project was not delivered and I got late by two freaking days. (Letter-Mountain)

The longer it takes the Letter to get past the Mountain, the longer my confusions will stay (Clouds) because I need the instructor to have a look at my developed project and let me know if he needs any modifications. There is so much going on and its not going on like it should rather too slow. I have been facing delays in everything. The energy of the Mountain is risen really high around the Full Moon coming on June 4. 

I also had some data copied from the Uni lab into my flash drive and after an hour and half, when I came back home and checked it, there was NOTHING in the flash drive. The quicker I need the data, the more delays  faced. Turned out Uni was closed for the weekend. Further delays. I'm feeling even more crabbier now (Bear-Mountain). 

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