Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Work: May 16, 2012

Day 5

Day : Wednesday
Date: May 16, 2012 
Weather: Clear/hot

May 16, 2012 Daily Draw
Cards Drawn: Bear + Mice + Whips
Key Card Focus: Bear

Keywords: A strong, powerful man, power, strength, cash

Prediction: The Bear has already represented a few men around me (my brother, a close friend etc). Today however, with the presence of Mice, I feel tired, lethargic, or ripped off of energy today. Since it is usual for me and this friend from yesterday's daily draw to have power struggles between us, I guess I'm going to feel weak in the situation today. Mice always eat what's to the left and as a result you lose what's to the right. So they eat my strength and as a result I'll lose an argument. Figures!

Time: Midnight
Accuracy: 90%
What Happened in relation to the cards: The Bear was indeed talking about strength, only physical. I slept really late last night and as a result my whole day was very drowsy and slow. I also happened to have left one question unanswered in exam since I had no idea what it was about (Not well prepared). So it was also mental strength. Due to lack of strength, I did not go to the gym as well.

Observations: The Bear can represent physical strength as well specially when with the whip and Rod. The card whip and Rod is also the card which represents physical aggression, physical energy. The Mice eats at your physical energy and as a result you feel lazy and not so full in form like you should.

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