Sunday, May 27, 2012

Confused. Should I go?

I did this reading using the answer spread. The question relates to a family trip I'm supposed to be taking. If I refuse to go I might not get another chance to go for about next 2-3 years since my whole family is going and I will not be able to go alone. The other bit is that if I go I will have to miss out on my assignments and this might jeopradise my chances of winning a gold medal. My major problem is that I have put in too much for having the gold medal in my post graduate program and I cannot let it go just like that but on the other hand things might get complicated if I do not go. There are some religious matters involved, the basic purpose of the trip so its not only a vacation. There is more to it.

Q: Should I go?

Past influences: 
Lilies + Roads : Family has been literally indecisive in the past. This plan has been pending for last 3months at least.  The King of Spades and Queen of Spades is a

Book + Tower = The mystery will not be revealed, University or leave the studies alone.
Which one is it?

Future influences: 
Tree - Sun = vitality.

Yes I know the outcome is good, but what about the answer which is so not clear.

Lets give it another go

Q: What should I expect if I choose to go?
Ship pre-selected

Fox - Coffin - Ship - Heart - Storks
if I go

The Cards behind Ship shows that some slyness/intrigue is ending. The Heart - Storks combination looks good. The Coffin - Heart may suggest a happy start after a period of sadness. I have two 9s which mean higher education. There is Queen and Jack of Hearts which might mean things between me and another person who is accompanying us, might get well after all.

Q: If I choose to Stay and not go?
No card pre-selected

Rider - House - Man - Snake - Anchor

I have two 9s again *confused* and two court cards. If I stay then its a man at the centre. There is a Lady with him and there may be a visitor to the house. Things will get complicated for a long time with this man. I wonder if the man is my father. He wants me to go, he really does.

I'm so confused. May I have some help with this?

Update: I have decided to go. I will try my best to sort all the matters before I leave (this is why my blog has been ignored by me for last two-three days) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong *having faith* and also I can totally feel the Heart-Storks part. I'm literally having a winged heart these days. My feelings about the trip have completely changed. I feel so good. 

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  1. It is difficult, but I think it comes to a home visit 1+4, the house is visited 4+1, and a man who has a mother, friend, sister 28+7 , who accompanied the man, and is a longtime friend, sister, wife, friend may be involved 7+35, to see if anyone can help, because, a visit may be a message that creates stability 1+35, and even if there is a problem in the house 4+7 also has a conversation with a woman, it is possible that could remedy the situation, and not also part of the problem, this is how I see it, but I can be wrong, I hope you can help,and thus be understood in their academic achievements, blessings