Friday, May 11, 2012

Daily Draw for May 11

Today's daily draw:

Cross + Man + Tree (+Book)

Book card came out when I pulled the Tree card therefore I decided not to disregard it.

The Cross sets the theme for today so it looks like this is a bad day, because there is some problem or some pain happening. Its a daily draw, therefore, the pain will not be that big an issue.

Man + Tree + Book shows that this problem is because of a man who is ill and Book shows that I don't really know about his illness.

This turned out to be a friend, who is suffering a skin problem which turned out severe and he did not take me calls yesterday and neither returned any texts which worries me. I ended up finding he was ill therefore he could not talk. I did not know about his problem before. I wish him health.

May 12, 2012: Another update from last night: My friend, who has been represented by Tree in my GT for this month, may be because he is very family and ancestry oriented kind of guy, he was keeping a secret and he would still not tell me when I asked him again and again and then he plainly excused and left. This actually made me cry. Friends do not keep secrets from friends. The presence of Tree with Book tells me this is a secret he is not telling me any time soon. This is when the Cross came!


  1. Wow Alyna, that was a very accurate reading! *sigh* I can never interpret my daily cards so accurately, I don't know why. :(

    I want to start learning Lenormand again... I read in your blog that you begun Treppner's method. Most of people recommend me Sylvie Steinbach's method, but watching you base your readings on Treppenr's made me curious about it. I hope you don't mind me asking - what attracted you to this style of Lenormand reading?

    Thank you so much! And for sharing your experiences with us through this blog!

    1. Hi Marina

      I think it does not matter which method you start with. Just stick with it for long enough. My interest in Lenormand sparked at the AT forum where I was actually registered to learn Tarot. I was supposed to end there so I did and I've been hooked since then. There was a forum/threads for sylvie's but I read reviews in which everyone was of the view that Sylvie's very particular about her methods so if you are working with her methods you should not follow other methods etc. and honestly most of my knowledge is not even from Treppner's really too (e.g I do 8x4 GT which is not explained in Treppner's course). About meanings I can say yes they are based on the course. Its more about registering the meanings of cards (what it means if to left of a card and what if its to right of a card) in your subconscious and the rest just comes to you. but I must say it takes time and practice. I was willing to give up in first few months my readings were totally off. I started religiously pulling daily draws only since December. So practice with them as much as you can. Start with a GT monthly I will say and then do not give up. Look for hints and clues how it manifests in your life. It doesn't happen overnight but its worth it.