Friday, May 18, 2012

Home work: May 18,2012 Daily Draw (Updated)

Day 7

Day : Friday
Date: May 18, 2012 
Weather: Partially Cloudy

Cards Drawn: Ship + Whip + Lady 
Key Card Focus: Ship

Keywords: A movement, travel, change, longing

Prediction: The Ship represents movement, change, things are set in motion, besides that it also represents longing for something you really desire to have. The Whip & Rod is the card which represents discussions, usually the heated ones, trouble and arguments. Lady can be me or another lady. So together

Ship + Whip = a journey under discussion, a travel causing arguments/trouble,
Ship + Lady = A lady from abroad, a change for the lady, lady is travelling
Whip + Lady = an argumentative person

This sums up to a conflict about a journey or a desire to have some aggressive discussion. The lady can be me or someone else.

Time: 11pm
Accuracy: 100%
What Happened in relation to the cards: Me and a friend discussed the trip we would be taking shortly. There were some misunderstanding lying between us which made things a little tiny bit heated but it was not that bad.

Observations: The effect of cards is always a little bit minimized in a daily reading. The Ship is usually across the border travel but in a daily reading it can also be a short-distance travel. Similarly, the Whip is the card of trouble, but its not a mjor trouble that will hinder your progress for a long time, but rather for a really short term.

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