Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 20 (Updated)

So we are 20weeks far in 2012.

Weekly Draw, Week 20
The central card for the week is Fox, which is a card that may manifest in two ways as said by Mama Whodun. Either you are the Fox or you come in the way of a Fox. If you click on to read the post, you will see there is a wonderful analysis of this logic-driven animal. I'm not sure yet which side of this card is coming up for me this week but I will stay alert to digging it out.

With Tower and Dog, I guess I know who its talking about. The Dog + Tower is a friend who works in a govt. department and is very logical. I actually get advises on being logical from him. This week the situation looks false, shallow and intellectual between us. The Dog + Fox tells me that this friendship is actually just a false friendship, which he has openly confessed today. He clearly said he never saw me as his friend *disappointed*.

Anchor - Letter - Dog shows there is some stagnation with talking things through with this friend.  The Anchor however mirrors Sun which looks comforting. Letter - Heart shows there are some issues regarding feelings which need resolution. Dog - Tower, talk about being authoritative, or may be he is just too lonely. 

Anchor + Letter = long awaited news
Letter + Dog = message from a friend

Tower - Heart - Sun
This looks like there is loss of some feelings, feeling of being alone and cold. but the presence of Sun looks promising at the end. The Heart is divided between cold and warm from both sides. I hope it does not mean a separation from a great love. Sun + Anchor = sustained success, Tower + Dog = a strict friend/male , Heart - Letter = love letter. 

Tower + Heart = feeling of being alone
Heart + Sun = a great love.

Looks like a mixed week. Its important because things between me and a friend are at a crucial stage. I want to sort this matter. All of sudden we are locking horns. May be the message of Fox is to act smart.

Letter + Dog and Letter//Heart. Well, we did have communication and that too very lovely and rather affectionate today. Things seems good for today at least.

Dog + Fox and Dog + Tower. Tower, I was told, sometimes represents things from past because Tower is what is there for a long time. Today I encountered, despite my utmost efforts to avoid my past, some friends, or some girls who apparently knew me, but I did not recognize them. They were probably some girls from my high school, junior or senior may be, I have no clue, but they recognized me. The Fox was me, trying to ditch the questions and move on.

Fox + Dog and Fox + Tower
This was a day when my friend (represented by Dog this week) wanted some time alone and he is being a little weird about his whereabouts, which is giving me these Fox kind of mixed feelings. He said he was busy (Tower) but I'm wondering if he is hiding something I should know about *wondering*

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