Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cartomantes Cabinet is Open

Cartomantes Cabinet has been opened!

Hurry up and register. Once your account has been approved, you just have to read the forum rules (and remember them) and Sign up at

"Student Sign up".

Admins will approve your registration and your entry to the study group. Meanwhile you can check out the articles and Basic meanings in the same section.
Once approved for the study group, you can start with your Lessons. You will be allowed to take only one lesson at a time when you open your own thread and make up your keywords list, your cards and what they mean to you. There is an option to choose whichever school you want.

I'm writing this up to clarify it to those people who are calling it "Andy's Method" and "Andy's School" and are worried that they will have to give up on their meanings or whatever school they think is right for them because its his School so its his meanings he will force you to learn.

In my about a year's experience on AT (where I started from) and learning from Andy's blog and his help and much appreciated guidance, I have never seen him trying to impose his methods or meanings on anyone. For example I take Bear as a man, and I will continue to look at Bear as a man, but Andy takes Bear as a woman. Similarly, my work card is Anchor, Andy's Moon. I have never experienced any objection or even a slight remark that my method differs from his so his help or guidance is not for me so I should get going. Andy is not teaching his meanings to anyone, he is just providing with a guidance, a proper way to learn this oracle because there are many confusions among beginners as to what is the proper method to do it. Most of us have switched to lenormand from Tarot which is completely different. This generous person has learnt this from his family and is a vast bank of knowledge about cartomancy, and above all, he is offering it to everyone, and that too free of cost. 

This reminds me of the time when I enrolled in the Magic Circle School for the course Rural Cartomancy 101 which is mainly fortune telling with a deck of Playing Cards. You may know that there are various methods and meanings for them too. The meanings I was taught were completely different from what I follow now, but the techniques and the methods and the foundation which I built in that course is so strong that I could switch to another method later with ease. The list of meanings can be found anywhere, technique is something which needs more focus.Once you know the sentence structure, you can always build vocabulary later.

So in my humble opinion, register and sign up for the study group. If you find the methods and lessons stiff for you, you may leave whenever you wish but it will be worth a shot. 

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  1. Is this forum still open for membership?
    I'd love to join it but I couldn't find a way to register :(
    I have just began my Lenormand journey and I am already obsessed! The system has opened up divination for me in a way no other form ever has.