Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Line of Five for them two fools

This spread was done for me and a friend with whom I have reconnected after about 6 months.

Q: What does he want with me?

I didn't say "from" me because that bit I already know.

Man card was pre-chosen to focus the reading on him.

Three court cards and two significators, one of them pre-chosen.

All court cards are facing away from each other. The Man and Lady however face each other and the card which lies between them is Fish. Fish card is the card of prosperity, indulgence, even addiction, obbsession and the card which gives us a feeling of something deep, so deep that its hard to interpret using logic. This card between us, shows that we do share a deep soul connection. The question is about him, so he wants plenty of me, literally. 

The other side, which shows the influences from past, House + Snake, which is read as , reaching someone crabwise. This is what he has been doing so far. He had been trying to express his point to me, indirectly for last 3 years. The Snake card appears near him often, so it can be a strong-willed woman around him. 

Man + House = man is family-oriented
Man + Snake = Man is with a woman
Man + Fish = Man is financially prosperous
Man + Lady = both significators, in harmony.

I'm not sure I get the House + Snake properly. Opinions are welcome please.


  1. maybe this wrong, but I dare say, the person seeking shelter at home (or keep that attitude inside?) house + snake resolve any deviation or problem in the relationship in the privacy of your home., likewise the intervention of a woman of strong character that could influence, or their relationships as part of the past? (will have a sister or even lives with his mother?)

    1. The concept of shelter also occurred to me. Sort of finding a refuge. We both are very private people so yes may be he wants to resolve the issues and feelings of insecurity which I have. His mother is a strong woman, and he is her only son so she kind of has a great say in every matter. You are right.