Monday, May 14, 2012

Homework May 14, 2012

Day 3:

Day : Monday
Date: May 14, 2012 
Weather: Clear sky

May 14, 2012 Daily Draw
Cards Drawn: Lady + Fish + Child
Key Card Focus: Lady

Keywords: A female, me, directly effecting me

Prediction: In my cards Lady is always me, other women around me are represented by other cards. The Fish card is making me curious because its appearing next to me quite often. Fish has meanings of money, indulgence and prosperity, something that multiplies. Next to me I always expect something growing, in numbers. The Child next to Fish is small, little, but with potential for more kind of growth. These cards together suggest I should expect some increase of some kind, a little may be, must be something material.

I also pulled 2 of Diamonds from the playing Cards deck which is also the card of money gifts, a small increase in money. I was reading Kapherus' Notebook of A Playing Cards Reader and its meanings of 2 of Diamonds and it reminded me of my daily draw for today. Attracting money now *fingers crossed*

Time: 12am
Accuracy: 50%
What Happened in relation to the cards: It was a confusing day. The Fish also show the indulgence into innocence and wanting something which is small, but it somehow matters a lot. It was like the early stages of a new project, which has a chance of success but I'm afraid of the risk. No money or presents involved, plain mental conflicts. After an incident today, I felt like my brain was in a bubble, where  couldn't really feel the impact of the incident completely.I guess I was afraid of being vulnerable.

Observations: Fish is usually the card of money and prosperity but it also represents indulgence, being inside a bubble, this is why people get addicted to alcohol? To reduce the impacts of what happens to them? Is this some kind of cushion when you are afraid you might be too vulnerable.
The Child here shows my act was childish. It also shows my naive and sensitive behavior today.


  1. Hi There

    It looks to me either you or a lady is trying to deepen the understanding and/or involvement of a new "stubborn" and/or awkward experience / beginning.
    Yet your/ her reaction somehow portrait rather "impatient" with this experience.
    Other could be, a lady or you are not in the good state to deal with the new situation. It would be rather careless free approach (e.g. let it comes and let it goes).



    1. Hi Eric Thank you for dropping by. Yes I would say it was me, trying to make sense of things that happened yesterday. I felt more like I was inside a bubble, and everything around me was blurred,thus a way to secure myself because I was feeling (or afraid of feeling) vulnerable.