Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daily Draw: May 24, 2012

Weather : Moderate/Clear
Cards: Lady + Lilies + Bear

Daily Draw: May 24, 2012
Key Card: Lady 
Key words: Me or another lady

Prediction: Lady is either me or a lady in my vicinity. Lilies is the card of family, sex, wisdom but I also look at Lilies as a card which represents an important man. Bear is someone powerful, usually round-ish, loves food and is very strong both physically and mentally. The Lilies and Bear both represent the attributes for a lady, but at the same time, to me they are representing an important man who is over-powering.

Lady + Lilies = sexy lady, wise older lady
Lady + Bear = strong woman
Lilies + Bear = strong advice, a powerful man

What Happened in relation to cards: Bear was as usual the person who is over-bearing, and powerful. Lady was a lady around me who was probably annoyed for some reason and I saw her arguing with people around. She is a dominating, over-powering woman, this is why the Bear appeared. Lilies also represent family, she is someone I know through family.

Observation: Lady can be either you or another lady around you. This lady as theme card surrounds most of your day. Lilies is family as well its the sex. You might feel a little extra hot if this card comes up. Bear can be power and strength, a person who is too powerful when annoyed.

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