Friday, March 23, 2012

Love Reading with Madame Seaqueen's Trigger Layout

Here is the spread. I have already done a reading with this spread. Worked like a charm.

This question is from Sarah about her love life since she is single for about a year now and the guys she is seeing are not generating any interest. She asked me that she wants to know about her love life and if she will soon feel "the feeling" again.
We are setting the time frame as:
Immediate: Next three weeks
Soon : Till May 23 (two months).

I'm choosing the card 24- HEART for significator.

The cards are:
Dog - Garden- Man - Birds
Key - Heart - Lady - Roads
Book- Sun - Mountain - Lilies

Past: Some friends (Dog-Garden) helped her unlocking some secrets, and also helped her becoming more open. The Key to left of Book unlocks the secret.

Present: She is having some non-serious flirtations and she is quite positive and optimistic about finding the love of her life just now, one of these days.Her thoughts are on socialising and making more public appearances and her feeling are energetic.In Andy's Small Lenormand Theory, Garden near Heart signifies an open relationship , no strings attached (This one is quite true!)

Immediate: Wow, we see a man coming up soon who probably makes her feel stressed or blocked or its a man with whom she sees no future. The Mountain explain that the Love will be delayed or blocked over next two weeks.

Soon: We wee her nervous because of a decision she has to make about a fling or a wise decision.

The Trigger row: Key - Heart - Lady - Roads
She had a sure help from a friend/a boyfriend in past who helped her learn about love or help her open up. She is quite hopeful and optimistic right now and thinks about socialising and opening herself more. In next two weeks we see her with a man but they are heading a difficult phase or she is facing an obstacle regarding her feeling. He is on top of her, so she has him in her thoughts, but her feelings feel blocked or difficult to express. In the future we see she has to make a choice, or a decision. The Birds and Lilies show she might have more than one options and she might be seeing more than one guy in next two months. Lilies is an affair, Lilies can signify a man who is older than her, Queen of Pentacles and King of Spades can signify an affair. Birds is a couple, and Roads shows she has choices.

Answer: She will soon have some alternatives and choices but she would have to make a decision.

Update April 26,2012
Its been longer than two weeks and I totally forgot to update this one. The row Man-Woman-Mountain, it did signify that there is a man who is her friend, more like a long-distance thing, but she is just not interested. The guy is good and everything but she finds it difficult to see them together as a couple.

We should wait for the Lilies guy.

Update May 17, 2012
The Lilies guy has popped up in her life. She was totally nervous about taking a decision when this guy asked her out, but then she took her chances and they have had two dates and things look favourable so far. She just asked me to do another spread for her now.

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