Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 19 (Updated)

Weekly draw for Week 19
The central card is Snake which represents a lady, a trouble or a detour. The Snake and Clouds is a couple and the Rider suggests they might be some visitors.

Coffin - Flower - Rider

Some ending is definitely happening and something pleasant is coming up. The Coffin-Flowers also suggest some recovery from illness.

I believe the recovery pertains to the emotional healing (Flowers-Moon) from last few weeks. Things are getting better both externally and internally.

May 10, 2012
The Snake was representing me. I can say this because I was talking on phone (Rider) with a friend (Clouds) and he said why you always talk the way I cannot understand its so complicated (Rider-Snake). Clouds was the thunderstorm in the background when we were talking. 

Flower-Rider might be a gift or an invitation coming up.

May 12, 2012
A female cousin of mine has come to stay with us for a while (Rider + Snake). She is emotionally disturbed these days , I guess this will help her recover a bit.

Clouds - Moon - Key

Some emotional disturbances, some unclear dreams and problems which will eventually be resolved.

May 12, 2012
This reminds me of my dream from last night which was a strange one. I was having a baby girl in my arms and I was feeding her through a milk bottle. There was also a cousin of mine in the dream who is also a good friend of mine. It was a strange dream. All I remember from the dream is the baby girl. This is what I would call, an important (Moon+Key) but unclear dream (Moon+Clouds).

The Sky has literally not been clear for last three days. Every night its been raining so there is practically Clouds +Moon out at night. 

May 13, 2012
My team lost the league champions title and that too to rival Football club. This was my Key+Coffin moment. Their success was our loss. Key + Coffin, a literal loss of title.

3 positive, 2 negative and 2 neutral cards

Overall a mixed week.


  1. hope it doesnt bother if I take a look to your cards and give an opinion.
    Coffin followed by Bouquet shows you recover from the depression and the Key which mirrors with the uncovered side of the Coffin says: you can be sure you heal yourself.You might expect a message or some news(Rider) from/about someone from your past- some ex or sort of(Clouds) which will agitate you emotionally.
    A woman- Bouquet- may encounter some problems with a car (Rider + Snake).She or even you drive very carefully if it`s raining outside(Snake can be the twisted road and Clouds being foggy or wet). There is a warning of accidents or being involved/assist to a road accident(Rider+Snake+ Clouds).
    The spread end with Moon and key which show something emotionally significant or being sure about something.I couldnt help myself to notice the numbers 32 followed by 33.As you know the Moon is passing through an important transition which will have a deep impact over you which you will feel it.And as a note:if you add 3+2+3+3,you get 11.So pay attention to 11th june.Maybe something important will happen on that day or night.

  2. No Kali your opinion is welcome always because it helps me too looking at my week in a more unbiased way. You are right about Coffin, I'm feeling very much like a new person. The 2-3 months and a Saturn Transit in the Chart has left some very realistic marks. I will be very careful with cars, although I am a safe driver but its good to be advised. 11 is the date for my exam so, better be something nice. Besides that about number 11 which is also my name number, I will keep in mind.

    Thank you so much Kali for taking a look and I will update if anything happens