Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 21: 7 cards draw

Week 21: Weekly draw

The central card for the week is Garden, which symbolises meetings, public places, the environment and also social network (offline or online). Garden + Child is usually new company, or an event involving children. Garden + Dog is a supportive network, loyal friends, trustful friends. Child + Dog with Garden can be a new friend, or a friend met on an event. So this week revolves around the friends and the network.

Left arm:
Book + Letter + Child

This is a message from a child, or a news about new beginning which is not known yet. 
Book + Letter = information received through message/email/mail
Book + Child = basic knowledge
Letter + Child = Message from a young lady or a Child

Book + Ship = A journey not known about yet
Letter + Sun = a message brings success, successful message, warm message
Child + Dog = Childhood friend

So A childhood friend brings a message about a journey not known about yet. This message brings the basic knowledge about possibly a secret.

I discovered a secret, unexpectedly, about a friend. The Child has appeared with Dog because he looks really young and acts even younger. It happened when all of sudden I saw him, at a public place (Child - Garden - Dog )

Wednesday: Child - Garden ; Child //Dog
I heard a news about a childhood friend. She's getting married, unexpectedly, next month.
Right arm:
Dog + Sun + Ship
A friend is very optimistic about a journey.
Dog + Sun = Positive and lucky friendship
Dog + Ship = friend who lives far away
Sun + Ship = Journey to the south, vacation, holiday trip

Dog + Child = young friend
Sun + Letter = positive and happy message
Ship + Book = educating journey, a journey known/decided upon

I'm truly amazed to see Ship and Sun this week because we have been planning for a vacation trip and I want to leave this month because next month will cause me troubles at uni, I cannot afford missing classes. The Sun + Ship and Book + Ship tell me that by the end of the week I will have some positive news about the trip which has not been decided upon yet. The journey is not towards south, but its to a warmer place, thus, the Sun. The journey is overseas, so Ship looks like it.  

I have all positive and neutral cards this week. Looks very positive. 

I have three 10's (Ship, Book and Dog), which also means travel out of country.

I'm super excited... yaaayyyy!

Monday: Book -Letter , Book//Ship
Asked from the travel agency for their packages  and other details.

Tuesday: Letter - Child ; Letter //Sun
Some awesome communication,messages, talks happened today. Oh yes I also discovered a secret, about this friend of mine.

Saturday: Sun - Ship , Sun//Letter

Just got back from the travel agency. They are saying everything shall be arranged by the 8th of next month which is going to make things Too TOoo TOOO tough for me but I don't know what I'm going to do. I really have no clue.

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