Thursday, February 16, 2012

An awesome love reading!

Declaration; I do not own this spread, I saw it on a blog in the early days when I was learning different spreads. Unfortunately, I could not find that blog afterwards.
Edit: Found it. Here is the original blog by Madam Seaqueen

However I altered the positions for the cards.I will explain why after I've explained the positions.

1. His Thoughts
2. His Feelings
3. What she does not know
4. What can bring them together (Bridge the gap)
5. The future on this course



So the man is my best friend's new friend who has asked her out twice. They have an amazing click and they fit together anything. She asked me to do a spread for her.

1. Key: There is a feeling of finding a solution, and answer which can unlock the doors for him. He thinks she is the answer to some questions he has been looking for.

She confirmed that he tells her she is the only one he talks to so regularly because she understands him, his humour and his problems.

2. Anchor: The Anchor card often reminds me of Capricorn, stable, structured, determined. This is what he is like. The Anchor shows he has some stable feelings for her. He feels secure with her. Anchor is a card which tells us something that is long-lasting, which puts a stop to movements (Anchor holds the ship in place). She seems like his personal harbour.

3. Ring: This can be a relationship he has been in before. Ring can also represent a deep devotion, a bond so strong. May be she does not understand but he feels a great bond with her. The Ring is however making me think,if he has been hiding about a relationship he has had before.

4. Stars: Hopes, dreams, new path. The Stars are my "wish card". Stars rule the 11th house of the Zodiac which also rules groups, friends and acquaintances. The Stars in this position tell me they need to dream together, have faith in each other and also the relationship. The Stars also represent new path, they need to move to a new path in order to bridge their gap.

5. Sun: Wonderful. Its a really positive spread with NO negative cards at all. Sun card represents true love as well. Sun is the card of energy, success with luck, abundance and optimism. If they stay on this course of faith and hope, they will have a beautiful future together.

This spread has made me so happy today. For the very first time I've seen such a positive spread where there is no negativity involved. If he brings the commitment(Ring) and she brings the energy (Sun) together they can create a new path to the stars (Stars).

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