Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coffin+Dog+Man; Lenormand Combos

This was one of the daily draws which actually worked really well.

The interesting point is Numerology in this spread. 8-18-28, The sequence and presence of 8 in every card suggested some heavy-duty stuff for that day. 8 is my birth number and is ruled by Saturn, the number of restrictions and Karma. Number 8 has usually caused delays, pains and tough situations and lessons learnt the hard way in my life. This number has shape like the infinity sign and is about reaping what you sow.

With that here, I had to be ready to reap what I sow. The appearance of Dog means it is some friend of mine who is very loyal towards me. The Man is next to Dog, this tells me this is a man I'm so devoted and loyal towards. The Coffin tells me this loyalty or this friend of mine is going to pose me some pain. Coffin is about ending of something and starting a fresh cycle of life. The Coffin suggested this friend of mine is in Pain, or is going to give me some pain.

I ended up having a one to one conversation with a friend whom I have hurt a lot in past and I had to end a few things with him so that we can start afresh. I literally ended my friendship with him and told him we need to start over and we did.

When Coffin with Dog appears, you will know you have to hurt a friend, but only to start it from scratch and only in a different way this time. Number 8 is never easy, there are no short-cuts. You have to be honest and go one step at a time.

Good luck with number 8!

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