Monday, February 27, 2012

Garden + Ring

In this oracle, Garden represents, parks, social gatherings, a network of people, or the quantity "many". When this card appears you will know there are some people involved in this situation or some public place. What kind of place is determined by the card next to it.

Ring is the card for contracts, binding , some legal contracts that bind you into something. In the Blue Owl Lenormand Deck, its an actual Ring, therefore, the first meaning that I consider is either a relationship or a marriage. The Garden + Ring is the combo which I assume is referring to a wedding.

In my Daily Draw for yesterday I have had Garden + Ring. I was supposed to attend a wedding reception yesterday but I could not (I woke up too late). So I thought I had missed it but the Garden+Ring combo did not miss me. Since the morning I have viewed at least 4 wedding albums uploaded on Face book. Many of my friends have got married last month or this month, I have heard about so many weddings in last two years than I ever have in 22yrs prior to this. It seems like everyone around you is getting married (and yes its a crappy feeling).

Moral of the Story: When this combination appears in daily draw, prepare yourself to congratulate a few people, or you will hear about a wedding, attend one or see albums of one!

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