Saturday, March 31, 2012

Knighting in Grand Tableau!

I have noticed from the results of keyword search on a popular search engine that Knighting has been quite an issue with many learners. I myself have been there where I did not know how to do it but it is really easy, specially if you have been a person who plays chess.

Knighting actually comes from the game of Chess where it describes how the Knight in Chess is allowed to move about the chessboard. I will explain it step by step:

1: Choose the Card you want to perform knighting for. e.g I choose the Lady card 29. This card is my Knight now. This is where I'm standing and this card is about what I need more information. you can choose other cards e.g Book for education, Heart for love, Ring for marriage etc.

Example 1:
2: Since the Lady card is to far right, we cannot move towards right, so I will start moving backward, 2 cards (Coffin, Roads) and then one card upwards.Key
Lady+Key tells me I'm sure about what I want next.

3: Then I will move in same direction and this time after two cards (Coffin, Roads) I will go downwards.

Example 2:
4: Since I cannot move to right, but if I could I would have done the same thing towards right, e.g for Child I'd move two cards to right (Stars, Key) and then one card upwards which gives me Book.
Child +Book = Young lady or child is studying
Then I will move one step downwards instead of upwards, which gives me, two steps towards right (Stars, Key) and one step downwards which is Roads , Child+Roads = Young lady/child is facing a choice.
Same thing I can do for child on left side, like I did for lady, 2 cards (Tree, Ship) and then one card up (Fox) and one down (Tower)
Child + Fox = Child/Young lady is cheating/lying
Child + Tower = Child is abandoned or alone.

Example 3: 
5: Next step is to move up or down first and then left or right. Pretty much reverse of what we did in steps 1-4. I will take Birds for explaining this one.
If I'm standing at Birds, I will move two steps down (Sun, Rider) and then right, Moon.
Birds + Moon = A phone call at night
Now, again, two cards downwards, this time going left, Heart
Birds + Heart = A lovely message, an affectionate couple.

6: The same procedure, this time in upwards direction. Two cards to up (Stars, House) then right, Book
Birds + Book = A secret phone call. A secret is causing anxiety.

This time, 2 cards upwards (Stars, House), but to the left. Whip
Birds+Whip = A conflicting situation causing anxiety.

Things to remember:

  • You cannot do all 8 combinations for each card. It will depend on the position of the card in the spread e.g you have 8 combinations for Birds (with Whip, Book, Heart, Moon, Flower, Fish, Tree, Storks) but you have only 3 for Lady (Dog, Key and Mountain).
  • If you do 9x4 formation, you can have maximum 6 combinations for one card.
  • Knighting is done to get extra combinations for the card, e.g to further explain things for Lady, or for love, or a project etc. These combinations give extra or supporting information. Try this for yourself and see how it adds to your interpretation.


  1. Counting throws me for a loop as somehow does Mirroring for some reason. But I caught onto Knighting very easily and I love the extra info I've been able to get from it. Also its always been so spot on.

  2. Hi

    Yes Knighting is usually the very subtle energy surrounding that situation. I took a long while learning Knighting mainly because I never played chess but I tried to put it in best way possible easy for everyone to understand. Hope it helped :)