Tuesday, February 7, 2012

09 - Flower/Bouquet

This card has started appearing for me since February started and it has been appearing in daily, weekly and every other reading I have done in last seven days. The Flowers card has following meanings according to my research:

1. Something short-lived (they die quickly)
2. An offer
3. A present
4. A charming friend/sister
5. A woman with a loss, divorced or widow (Queen of Spades)
6. The company, people you surround yourself with for entertainment.
7. Creativity, art, beauty

I took a sneak peek at my GT as to what its implying and why it is taking most of my focus?

The cards I get in my GT for February 2012 are:

Book -    Dog  -   Man
Key   - Flower - Clover
Road -  Coffin - Lady

This looks like an offer from a friend, someone I don't know about. Key and Clover tell me its a lucky and important offer. However, the Coffin puts an end to it or turns it in to a bad event, because of a choice which has to be made. Book tells me I know nothing about this offer yet. Dog + Flower can be a female friend who has suffered a loss (Coffin) and is feeling she has no way out (Roads+Coffin).

The Flowers is in house of Bear, Strength and Power, while in house of Flowers is Lilies, which suggests again its an offer from a very important man. The other cards are Man - Flower - Roads - Sun - Heart, this man makes multiple offers which bring further warmth to my heart or warm feelings.

I still have to find out what my friend has to offer but its continuously catching my eye and appearing for me again and again. The surrounding cards look nice and I have to wait and see how it manifest in the almost second week of February 2012 (The card is in house 15).

I did a reading to ask
Q: What/Who is this card trying to bring my attention to?
(Pre-chosen card = Flowers)
From my blog, one must have figured I don't read 3x3 spread because I never really get there is so much going on, but I wanted to give it a try with this question.

First the four corners: Fish+Sun could be emotional/financial success. Stars+Whip means music in my LWB.
This invite/offer/gift can be something related to financial success, and spiritual healing.

Tower+Man+Heart+Clover tells me this single/tall/lonely man is lucky in love.

The Man is a banker or financially independent (Fish+Tower) and is seductive (Whip+Clover).This also suggests the cheerful conversation we have had and still having(Whip+clover). Flower + Stars, Flowers+heart point to being asked out on a date and the Sun tells me it will be something very nice.

Looking forward to this ;)

Update: This was really something worth it. The minute this man stepped in my life, the Flowers card stopped appearing. This man became a friend out of blue. We met and we had this instant click. The GT and the 9-cards spread were very accurate. The friend was not known to me when I did the GT. He came in my life after the GT (probably second week of February). My idea about the second week was right. He is a financially independent and we have had really cheerful conversations. He asked me out for a date totally out of blue. He does things sort of pretty fast. He has been hitting on my really often (almost all the time) and my heart, I just feel like its actually warming up a little :)
I have not accepted the offer yet, but he doesn't seem like the one who will give up. 

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