Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clouds+Coffin again!

I drew the following cards today

Letter + Clouds + Coffin

Letter is the card for written communication of all kinds, texts, emails, official documents.

Clouds is the card that is temporary but is negative. It means there are some confusions, throwbacks, unpredictable events.

Coffin, well, the ending, pain, illness, but again its temporary.This too shall pass!

With the combination above, I could see I will get a message from someone about ending some confusions. Clouds can be a man too who is too direction-less or who is not very sure about his steps. Coffin at the end tells that this man is depressed.

The message I received was from someone very close who was actually feeling direction-less (I believe Clouds meant him) and he wanted to put an end to something. No decision however, was made (Thanks to Clouds, he was too senseless to decide anything).

The Clouds+Coffin Combo means a negative day, something bad is going to happen but the key is not to panic. This situation is just temporary and it will pass soon. Take it slow and do not take any hasty decisions, instead postpone the matter and tomorrow is just another day, only its new! 

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