Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Draw Feb 19 - 25 (Updated)

Taking out 7 cards

Scythe - Stars - Garden - Whip - Rider - Heart - Snake

The Whip in the centre with Garden and Rider tell me I might start gym this week, after I have recovered from the muscle pull from last week. Whip - Rider can be an argument with a visitor at home, or a news about a break-up. Whip-Garden tells me there are many arguments/discussions/troubles this week.

Scythe is back again, but this time there is a sudden idea possibly from a spiritual group online. I might visit some place at night (Garden-Rider) or someone comes over at night. The ides/new path will be lovely (Stars-Heart).

Rider-Heart-Snake : A troubled heart coming towards me. A news about a complicated love, a man with a troubled love life. Rider - Garden tells me he is someone social, Heart-Stars the love is wishes upon, and Snake - Scythe, the troubles will end.

Overall: There will be a sudden idea hit upon in a spiritual group or gathering where an aggressive man falls in love with an independent woman.
(some story I made) 

Adding the cards: 89 = 17-Storks Yay! A week with changes. Storks started appearing really often which I had some major uplifts in my life. Its really good to find them appearing again.

update: This week I started off with being gloomy and sad till I started paying more attention to my spiritual well being. There were so days when I was argumentative, pretty much a lot depressed. But I have been successful in having a person so close (Rider+Heart) to me who can handle all my moods swings (Heart+Snake).
Storks has been appearing a lot this month, I see some definite change coming up for me.

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