Saturday, February 18, 2012

Repeatedly seeing number 8

I've had enough. I am constantly seeing 888 , 8 , numbers adding to 8 again and again. What is happening here? I was reading an article and it said when you repeatedly see a sequence or a number its your angels trying to bring something to your attention.

Just at that time I looked at clock, 3:23 = 8

I asked my angels, What are you trying to tell me through this number 8?

Anchor - Heart - Stars

Anchor tells me there is stability, security and determination. Heart in the middle looks like Love which will be new (Stars).

Together they tell me I will find a comfort point, a home , where I feel secure, I just need to be hopeful and have faith in the power of love. The Anchor 35=3+5=8, just enforcing the fact that home is where the heart is. My Anchor point or my comfort point lies in my dreams and my wishes, so I should not give up on wishing upon the Stars.

This fits well with the way I've been feeling these days. I do feel like losing hope, ending up dreaming since it is no use, my head says, but this reading tells me otherwise. I promise my Angels, I will never lose hope!

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