Thursday, February 23, 2012


Q: What does my Angel want me to know right now?
A: Lady - Garden - Ring - Mice - Mountain

Looking at the cards one by one
Lady is me, I don't have doubt

Garden can be a public place, a gathering, or simply a social networking site.

Ring is a relationship, a bind so strong that its hard to break. Ring has also represented routine tasks, a cycle you have to go through everyday.

Mice are small worries that are eating at you, that are causing stress.

Mountain is the major and huge hindrances, blockages and delays. Mountains are harder to climb than the other cards. This card has appeared in my Daily Draws a lot, in my weekly draw and now here too. I'm actually feeling very much stuck in a situation. I'm feeling like I have no way out.

Lady - Garden = A socially active woman, an outgoing, extrovert lady. I'm not very extrovert, but I do feel a lot like going to a park, closer to nature these days.In my LWB it says, a lady in public

Garden - Ring = A wedding ceremony. I have been invited to two wedding ceremonies this month. I did not attend one, I might attend the other though.In terms of routine, it can be the usual routine tasks that need to be performed should be done LWB it says it can be a new relationship, a social agreement.

Ring - Mice = A relationship slowly being eaten at, a relationship with holes. A relationship that is broken, not intact anymore.

Mice -Mountain = Whatever is to the right of Mice is what is going to stay for a longer time. The Mountains are these blockages I'm feeling and these are stressing me out. Looks like I'm here for a while.

Using mirroring: Lady - Mountain = A blockage for woman, stressed woman

Garden - Mice = A cancelled event, a negative event

Interpretation: I feel like escaping, socialising, meeting people, I actually want to go to the wedding as well, but it looks like either the event will be cancelled or I'm too stressed and worried, and everything in blocked till I climb the mountain over. In the past I have had some social life, right now I'm just going in a circle (Ring) and in the future there are worries and blockages.

Angel Meditation:
I wanted to do this for many days, I was just not having a mind quiet enough to perform this meditation. Today I did it. I was lying down, listening to everything around, in my head I was lying down in a meadow, surrounded by green trees, red roses, purple lilies and green grass. I was inhaling the smell of roses and I could feel the cool breeze touching my cheeks. I saw a ray of light on the sky and then something appeared there, coming towards me. It had honey coloured hair, white wings, and perfect calm face, with a soothing smile. It was bare-feet and wearing a white long robe. It came near me and sat on a rock. I went closer and put my head in its lap. It felt very very calming and all of sudden I was not worried any more.  It started running its fingers through my hair. I lifted my head up and asked it some question which it answered with very calm voice and the smile! It put me to so much ease.

I strongly suggest everyone to try this, you can ask them questions and they will answer. I asked mine a lot of questions and it answered all of them. Sometimes the answers are all inside us, we just need to get in touch with our inner self to know them and this meditation will help you a lot with connecting to your inner self.



  1. I just want to know one question on angel how you come to know who is your angel ?

    1. Its more a matter of belief. I Believe that I have an Angel who is always there to help me. some people call it Guardian Angel, some call it inner self, some give the name of Higher self, some call it the gut, these are all different names, the answers are all inside us, I prefer believing its an Angel than calling it something inside me. Besides it gives me ease of mind since Angels as guardians are mentioned in my religious literature etc as well. Personally Archangel Michael has been there, at least I feel its energy. Again, its a matter of belief, you can name it whatever you want :)