Thursday, February 16, 2012

is this deck cute or what!

I was going through some random websites trying to find the original blog where the relationship spread in my prvious post has been explained. During that quest of mine, I came across the website where I coincidently clicked on the "Answer my thoughts" tab. The reading was generated using this deck called the "Energetic Lenormand" deck and this deck is so awesome it just caught my eye instantly. The colours gave me an instant energy and I felt very enthusiastic (which I have not been feeling really since after the Mars has gone retrograde :grin: ). Look at the concept behind the card, the Storks is an egg, you know something nicer and new will come out of it, the Rider is a Rocket, something that is hitting you really soon, The Rods look like two people are actually fighting using them, The Owls, don't they look the cutest, each card is so wonderful on its own.

I have always been wanting to make my own deck, I feel like I'll be more connected to the cards if I myself paint them, give them a meaning, but I was not sure I will be able to pull it off. This deck has given me a new sense of freedom in terms of expressing myself. I so want to buy some paints and brushes and start painting my own deck. I might as well use some crayons, since I want really vibrant colours (Have been working with the light coloured Blue-owl deck for too long).

I guess this is Universe' way of telling me I need to bring some colours in my life(and my readings :grin:)

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