Friday, February 10, 2012

Letter + Ring + Tower

This was drawn this morning. My first thought was a message, from my lover about splitting paths. The Tower card with Ring is a clear indication isolation from partner. The Letter would mean it would be probably a text message or an email. The Ring has often represented our relationship.

Letter - Ring - Tower

The cards I pulled out in my Playing cards deck (the one I'm using for my course in Magic Circle School).

King of Clubs - 7 of Hearts - 2 of Spades

The spread is read from left to right, like one card for morning, noon and night.

There is again an indication there might be a problem today. Looking at numbers and suits,  the morning will be busy, I will probably be working hard in the morning, the afternoon suggests an emotional problem, with a friend or lover may be, and the evening brings arguments and disputes.

This looks like a really bad day.I will try to avoid him altogether today and leave him alone if that helps him!

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