Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Practice with 3x3 spread

I did one with the Flower card appearing repeatedly for me and it worked just really good. I decided to another one for my friend. This time I won't be using any pre-chosen significator card, instead let the cards choose the central card as the most important aspect of the reading.

Q: What are the obstacles on my way to a serious relationship?

The first card tells a lot about the thoughts at the moment. The Roads in this position tell me she is facing choices. She cannot make up her mind about what she needs to do or she simply has to move on, pick one, while she cannot decide which option (suitor) is better for her. The Clover shows there is hope, about more or better options which is stopping her from moving forward. This is where the trouble(Whip) is lying.

Lets look at the central card which is the focus, Moon. Moon card has been my favourite quite recently. This card represents many thing, illusion, intuition, feelings, emotions, romance, recognition, and above all our Feminine side. Now I understand why this card has appeared here. This friend of mine, is full of Mars energy. She is anything but feminine. This is where the problem lies. She is the man she wants to be with and this is where the problem lies. I think this is why the Roads are there in first position. She needs to get in touch with her feminine side and at the core of it she will realize who is good for her.

Lets look at the columns:
1: There is a decision which needs to be taken before a strong love bond can be established.
2: There is some psychic message or a message from the intuition which can be of help.
3: There is a need to straighten things out (Snake is twisted, Tower is something straight and clear).Whip can be discussions with mother or an independent woman who is someone with a "spine".

1: If she makes a decision, she will find luck and a younger guy (Whip) may be. This can also be an indication of a tough luck or troubled luck or she can't make up her mind because she is not very hopeful about her luck.

2: She is not sure about her true feelings. Her heart is not comfortable because of the emotional ups and downs she is feeling.

3: This seems like a bond/contract with isolation.

Roads - Moon - Tower: The way to success is going by the books. There can be some illusions regarding the alternatives available, but she needs to see them high and clear. Moon and Tower both are about status in society, and recognition. She needs to make a decision before she can be "seen" romantically.

Whip - Moon - Ring : Breaking up from the illusions and bringing some midnight activities in her schedule will bring towards her some recognition and a strong binding relationship.

Whip - Heart - Tower: This looks like a break up which has pushed her into loneliness.

Roads - Snake - Ring : Clearly the road to a serious romance right now is very twisted.
She needs to work great deal on herself before anything can happen for her.

Summary: She needs to find her self-esteem, a woman who is independent (Snake-Tower) might be a great help. Besides that she needs to make up her mind (Roads). The love for isolations she has developed is what is actually the biggest hindrance in her serious relationship. If she can get over these three things, although it does not seem easy, she can get it on just fine.

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