Thursday, February 23, 2012

Waiting for a surprise (Update yay)

I have never shared this on my blog but before I started reading Tarot or Lenormand oracle deck, I made my own oracle deck. It was just out of curiosity, to see if I am capable of working with intuition. My deck contains some words, a picture (which I drew just to remind myself what meaning I have assigned to this card), a season (for timing) and some cards contain a Planet or a Zodiac sign's name on it. This is the way I associate that card with that Planet or sign (helps me memorizing). When I was done with the deck, I did some really nice readings, for myself and for many friends and even some strangers too, that were pretty spot on. Later on I bought myself a Blue Owl and a Rider-Waite deck and I forgot about this baby of mine. Yesterday when I was looking for something, I saw this deck lying there. I took it out and looked at my creativity. I just generally put a question about what is expected between now and end of February and drew three cards

Moon - Surprise - Letter

The Moon is a crescent, like you can see, so it mainly represents, new beginnings, a new seed planted which will cover the events of the next lunar month, feelings and emotions.

The Surprises card has Uranus written on it, because I associate upheaval, surprises, roller coasters with Uranus. Its something that happens out of blue. With this card, I expect the unexpected.

The last card is the message card.

So I was expecting a message, which might be received around new moon or when the moon is just a crescent. This message can be a new beginning or a romantic one.

When I woke up today, I did my daily draw for today. Its the first thing I do in morning (after my human moments of course).

The cards were:
Child - Scythe - Letter
Hmm, an unexpected message, a new beginning when I get a sudden or unexpected message. Wait, isn't this the same message from yesterday?
Look at the similarities - Moon /Child - Surprises/Scythe and Message/Letter. It is the same message in both decks.

This is the second time I have got same message from two oracles, actually this is identical message from two oracles. I'm surprised , no, I'm awed actually.I'm waiting anxiously for whatever this unexpected, surprise message is about.

Update: The cards were telling me to be ready for the surprise because I honestly did not know I will get this message. I got an email today about a surprise reading which was done. I was so not expecting it, it was totally out of blue. The message did give me a new hope and a new idea to look forward to.

Love the cards!


  1. Alyna that deck looks absolutely fantastic. I think something you invest so much in (my creating) can yield the best results.

    I started to make my own a while back, and gave up. You've given me the nudge to revist it.

    1. Andy that is so nice of you to appreciate it. I have done some amazing readings with this one, may be because I myself knew what each card meant (personal prophesy) and answers are all within. I agree that one should have one's own system because it works the best for you, Always!

      Thank you for appreciating and encouraging :)