Monday, February 27, 2012

Reading Lenormand!

All readers, all learners and everyone who works with any kind of divination system says it over and over that one should always have one's personal system. No matter how many blogs you visit, how many helpers you get, no matter how many books you read, at the end of the day it will all narrow down to one method that is your own and that works the best for you.

All those beginners, and readers who are reading my methods of "nailing it", I swear it won't help you unless there is a personal touch there. Whatever way you read the cards, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, Please try to find your own system and your own method and trust me that will be one method that will give you astonishing readings. When you read them, do it your way, no matter what you are advised, or whatever some well-known authors say. Your cards and your intuition will work with you according to YOUR natural system, one method which is YOURS all the way and how will you know it that its yours? Because it works! That's how you know its yours!

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