Friday, February 3, 2012

illusion and 32-Moon

Feb 3,2012

The card for the daily draw was Lady - Moon - Child

When I turned the Lady card over, I knew it is me. Lady in a daily draw has never represented anyone other than myself.

The Moon card is the card which speaks of the dark side, the illusions, things are different in the day light and they are more clearer, the night time is the time when you are more emotional, intuitive, dreamy.Its a warning against having too much illusion. This card also tells you to focus on your dreams because they can be having a special message for you.Moon card also speaks of the feminine energy.

The Child card also represents a young lady, or feeling naive and vulnerable.

When I looked at the spread, I was thinking I might be too dreamy, or too naive, sensitive and romantic today. There is TOO much feminine energy in the spread. The Lady card is representing me, the Moon card warns of being dreamy or not seeing things clearly,and Child card supports the Moon card, its being naive.

What actually happened that I was being too dreamy, I was practically sleepy the whole day, and while I was awake I was constantly thinking about the unrealistic stuff I want from life. This was totally immature and insane because if a Child asks for Moon to play with, she practically can't have it. Therefore,

Moon+Child is a warning that the naive illusions of immature dreams you are having, you need a reality-check. Keep your emotions in check, you might regret what you do today.

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