Friday, February 17, 2012

Drawing an 8 on an 8

Am I the only one who is seeing number 8 so often. Has this something to do with the Power of 8 I'm doing a research on. Every time I'm texting someone, I'd just look at the remaining characters and it'd be "888", and several other incidents. In Chinese culture, 888 is considered very lucky. I hope I find luck or at least luck find me.

Today I open my journal for writing the reading, did a mental calculation, what date is it, 17 = 1+7 = 8.

Cards drawn:
Stars - Coffin - Letter

Why am I not surprised to see the 8-Coffin right in the middle? Because on February 8th as well, I drew Coffin and I was thinking "I'm drawing an 8 on an 8th". The characteristic of Coffin is, it depresses me. Even for a day, but it does. Its appearance right in the middle tells me, something is ending today, and something will begin.

The Card to the left is Stars, my wish card, dreams, wishes, hopes, faith. The Coffin is putting an end to them. In other simpler words, my hopes are dying. How true that is! I feel depressed for no reason, not only depressed, I also feel hopeless, like there is nothing that can change it for me.

The Card to the Right is what will be beginning. Letter, tells me there will be a message or some correspondence that will  begin today. I hope its a positive one! If we look at numerology, we see 1+6=7, 8 and 2+7 = 9..nice sequence they have today. 7-8-9 = 24=6 - Clouds. Just to make my day perfect, I'm not even sure what I have to do!

I pull one card for Love everyday, the card I pulled solely for Love today was 8-Coffin. *sigh*, whoever is surprised please raise your hands!

There is lots of sadness surrounding me today. I'm sure its not just the Coffin, I know what it is, I know what lead to this and I hope it dies as quickly as it started. Still looking forward to the Letter.

On the Other hand, the cards I pulled from the playing cards deck:
4 of Spades - 8 of Hearts - 2 of Spades

(did anyone see that 8 right in the middle again or is it just me?)

4 of Spades means feeling a "stuck" in situation. Don't we know that by now. It can indicate stagnation, immobility and some changes need to be made.
8 of Hearts is sweet talk as opposite to the Two of Hearts. 8 of Hearts shows a heart-to-heart conversation with someone special.
2 of Spades is right at the end, again bringing up disputes today.

To me this looks like I will be feeling stuck in a situation where I'm wanting to or avoiding having an intimate talk with someone which will end up in an argument. This sure rings some bells.

I just checked the astrological chart and transits for this right now. What I see is the Transiting Moon is exactly conjunct Natal Saturn, which brings up a sense of responsibility, making me feel burdened, and it is Conjunct Natal Uranus, creating a need to shake free from the burdens. Also the Moon is transiting 4th house, where it brings an extra need for security, making me more vulnerable and introvert at this moment. Worried about building the foundations of the home and family. Moon is also the ruler of my 11th house which is represented by 16-Stars. 

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