Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Draw: Week 9 (Updated)

Flowers - Cross - Dog - Ship - House - Heart - Tower 

The Ship in the middle looks like something from far away, a journey, a change , a movement, getting out of town may be. The Ship can be an emotional journey too going away from where I am now to a new place, feeling new, or feeling alien may be!

Update: I was actually out of town for two days this week. It was a trip with family, to meet family (Dog + Ship + House). 

The Left arm:
Flowers- Cross - Dog - Ship
The Flowers are something short-lived, but beautiful while it lasts, an invitation, a gift. It is surrounded by Cross and Tower in combinations, a one-time offer, pleasure in standing alone, pleasure in suffering.

The Cross is fate, suffering, burden. With Heart in mirroring, A love for suffering again. Whatever is to the Right of Cross is what will happen for the person.Whatever is to the left is what stops. Dog can be a person or someone from family (Dog + House). This friend or family member is on a journey.

I think it is referring to my brother here who is on an overseas journey right now. He will be back before this week end. The Flowers might be a gift he brings (I doubt though!)

Right arm:
Ship - House - Heart - Tower
House is my home, family, or my private space. There is everything settled here for the week because of Heart and Dog around. The Tower however brings some isolation at an emotional level specially with the Heart + Cross in mirroring.

Overall: I believe my brother will make his journey back home and there will be love and happiness at home, but I might be feeling a little alone by the end of the week.

The Week was full of restoring energy because I went out of town for two days and it was worth it. I feel so recharged and so full of energy. I can focus better on work now. I had no friend visit me or my brother has not returned yet. The Tower at the end is about my back, which has been hurting a lot lately (since I came back).
King is King of Hearts and Heart is Jack of Heart, I was wondering if they can be my brother and father. They have some issues lately, and they are physically away from each other (Tower and Ship). The Heart-Tower shows me I feel secure and safer in terms of love now. The Flowers were just the fun and company I had at my cousin's place.

Cross-Dog-Ship was my friend feeling bad because I was away. He sort of has developed a deep attachment and doesn't like it when I'm not around. 

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