Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly Draw Feb 12- Feb18

I forgot to write about this one in the past week, this spread ends today and I will just be writing a review of the situations in past one week.

Scythe - Ring - Ship - Man - Birds - House - Clouds

At the time I drew these cards, the most important man in my life was my karmic soul mate. He sits right in the middle. I thought it was him. Later in the week it was discovered it was not him.

Scythe-Ring tells me a relationship will break, a cycle of life will be discontinued, a new beginning happen when the Scythe clears the Clouds in reflection. Even though this relationship felt like home (Ring/House), it will clear things up eventually.

Ship right next to the Ring tells me there will be movement, away from the relationship(or whatever pieces are left behind). This movement is a journey which is not easy on my nerves and is making me anxious and nervous (Ship/Birds). Ship is moving towards the Man, so there is a new man towards whom I will be moving.

The Birds next to him show he is quite communicative person.

Update: There have been a sudden cut from what was between me and that karmic soul mate. It was nothing intentional, it just happened, like on its own. For last Five days I have not heard from him and I'm not even bothered. Instead a new man who is actually very verbal, has appeared. He makes me feel nervous. However, at the end of the week, I'm facing few setbacks (Clouds). I hope I will cut from them during this one week.

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