Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Oracles, One message!

Since I have taken up Rural Cartomancy course at Magic Circle School, I pull up at least one card everyday for practise. Today I pulled up 3 cards from the lenormand deck and three from playing cards deck. Here is something very interesting:

1. Lenormand deck draw:

Scythe - Heart - Birds

The moment I look at Scythe Card I'm always eager to see the card to its right, because the card the edge points towards tells us what is being cut at. The Heart right next tells me its a heartache. There will be an end to a love or I will probably hurt a sweet individual (Jack of Hearts). The Birds next to it tells me there are conversations, may be through text or phone. Now there are two possibilities

Scythe will end the romantic conversations
Scythe will end a love which will cause some nervousness, but this nervousness will not last longer.
adding them together = 46 = 10-Scythe, a strong emphasis on cutting at something. A hasty decision.

2. One card for Love:
 I usually pull out one card for Love, because the three cards draw can be anything, but one card for Love is for that only. The one card I got was "22- Roads".
Roads can be a choice, an alternative, two, sense of indecisiveness or separation (paths are separating).
This is interesting , I got two indications for a split.

3. Playing cards deck:
Moving on to the three cards drawn from playing cards deck

2 of Hearts - 2 of Spades - 5 of Clubs

2 of Hearts, love talk, exchange of emotions, lovers, couple
2 of Spades , separation, following 2 of Hearts , a split in a couple
5 of Clubs , things will work out eventually. The hard work is paid off. Recovery expected after bad cards.

So here again, I have an indication that there is a strong possibility of a separation today, definitely a romantic separation, but it will work out eventually or in other words, the grief will be short-lived.

I have to wait for the day to end, and see what happens. Will update when it manifests (I hope not).

Update Feb 17,2012: What I wrote about the Lenormand Oracle about the manifestation of 3 cards in 1-3 days is correct again. I was wondering all day yesterday what Heartache, I had an awesome day, I guess it is coming true today, because I'm totally heartbroken, and I'm totally sad and down because of it.
About the spread with Playing Cards deck, I did have some heart-to-heart romantic talk with someone, but we ended up having an argument the next day (today). I hope things work out eventually.


  1. Hi Dear

    This is interesting reading with all refer to same kind of matter.

    Like to share my view on the reading.
    This could be the matter that you are planning to start something - which may have been planned before. But you have changed it. Your significant other expect a change or want to get the "plan" happening with you. This creates a tense/hurtful conversation or argument. I think this creates fear / uneasiness in you thus also the commitment.
    If this relates to health, it is possible that it relates to spending money on the consultation/treatment. Body part could refer to the lower body e.g. urinary system or private part (birth issue).

    Best Regards


    1. Yes I have to agree that was precisely the case. It was a matter related to seeing someone romantically. I did plan it before, but then I pulled back at last minute. This sort of intrigues him (the Significant Other). So here we are, he wants something, and he asks for it which then makes me uneasy.

      That was one wonderful insight. I'm totally new with readings with Playing Cards. Therefore, my knowledge is very limited. Thank you for your wonderful insight!

    2. Hi there

      Thank you for you update. I am also still on the path of learning. Keep on with your work.


      Eric Ting

  2. Interesting Reading