Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daily Draw!

I try to write about every new thing I find with my deck and my readings to keep my friends updated, specially those who are new and are frustrated because they are not familiar with the deck yet.

When we are working with any divine or fortune-telling system, we try to find the DEEP stuff or intricate details with it. While we are working with this deck, we get small details which we tend to overlook. Specially when one is doing a reading for a week, a month a year vs. a reading done for one day (which usually stretches over to 1-3 days). We tend to go deeper than we are supposed to. Its one of the reasons why I stopped doing daily draws a while ago, because I was thinking the energy of that card was not actually showing in my day, I was rather twisting the happenings of my day to make it fit the symbol or meaning of the cards and that is a bad way to practice with this deck.

Every card has some meaning, a symbol with a meaning or a keyword associated with it. There are levels on those meanings. We can either look at the deepest esoteric meanings, or the subtle, over-the-top layer meanings. e.g if I pull a daily card as Ring, it does not mean I'm getting married today, or Rider+Heart is not going to make someone fall in love with me today, or Garden+Rider means I will be jogging in park this evening, the energies of these cards is even more subtle than this. We should look at the hints that occur here and there during the day.

Keep practising but practise the right way. Daily draw is an amazing way to familiarise oneself with this deck, by be careful and do not overdo the meanings or analysis of the day.



  1. Hi, would you mind giving examples of what the combinations you lists DID point to in your day? If Rider+Heart wasn't someone falling in love with you, what did it turn out to be? This is the trick of daily draws that I haven't caught on to yet. What are those 'hints that occur here and there'? Some examples would be so helpful! :)

    1. Hi Carla thank you for stopping by

      I have just wrote today how Scythe+Heart+Coffin manifested and yesterday I wrote about Sun+Book+Mountain which described the most happening event of my days.

      The thing with daily draws is that they are sometimes totally spot on and sometimes totally off for me. Rider+Heart can be a nice gesture of kindness at the grocery store or a compliment from a nice young man. The daily draws are the same things, just a little more subtle. Besides that I always check the following two days after a daily draw if the meaning of the cards has manifested over a period of time because 3 cards usually take 1-3 days for manifestation in real world. Besides that my most accurate draws (general) are weekly ones, so one card out of 7-cards weekly draw is the card for that day, that can also work for you e.g you pull out 7 cards, the first card is Monday, 2nd Tuesday, see which cards are around that card, which card mirrors them, try it.

      Work with your cards, change number of cards, use first or middle card as the theme card and see what works for you. You won't know until you practice.