Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Moon in Pisces (Update)

I always perform a New Moon reading because the new moon brings a new start, a new chapter to a situation. This new Moon is in my 6th house of work and health. I have my Chiron conjunct. this new Moon. The intuition of the Moon with the Water sign of Pisces creates lots of emotional energy, healing energy and the sympathy I need to give others.

Q: What is significant for me till the next new Moon?
A: Ring - Clover - Anchor - Mountain - Flower

The Ring is a card of on-going cycles, new partnerships, a bind that once established hard to break. Here it shows me I will get into a lucky union (Clover) and it adds some colours to life (Flower). This binding looks very nice and pleasant and promising.

The Clover brings success, hope and luck to the querent. This luck is going to stay for a while because of the Anchor next to it. The Mountain blocks the luck or hope but at the same time, it can be just an increased hope.

Anchor at the centre brings stability, determination or a feeling of being stuck. Specially with the Mountain next to it it looks like some blockages are going to stay for a while.

Mountains are the blockages, the Delays, you cannot find a way around, you have to climb all the way to the top, but the view must be great from up there.

The Flower in the end, looks a nice and promising end to the lunar cycle. This can be a pleasant meeting, a gift or an offer. With reflection to ring, I wonder if I will get a piece of Jewellery as a gift.

Since the Moon is in my 6th house of work and health, I wonder if I will get a partner for my project at University since that was depicted by another reading. The Anchor is also related to work and routine tasks (Ring). The Mountain can be the blockages before I finally get things sorted in my favour. The Flowers at the end are promising that it will all end well.

Update: Ring has been appearing a lot in my readings but I think its not referring to a relationship. Its rather talking about the cycles of life , one of them coming to an end. With Flower, I have heard about an engagement quite recently.  The Anchor did bring me some desire to find some stability but there wasn't much that I did because of the Mountains. The cycle however did end on a positive note. I'm still unable to grasp the meaning of Ring-Flower and Ring-Clover in this context. My project's due phase has been completed, submitted and accepted. I have found some new developer guys at uni who are a great help. 

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