Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Depression, introversion and Lenormand

I have been pretty down lately, while I should be happy. I was trying to put it onto the unplanned or unprepared for date of mine last week, but its not that only. There is something else bothering me. It can be my love being so absorbed in some depressive mode as well and I want to know WHY are we in this mode while nothing is apparently wrong.

Q: Why are we in this introvert, intense, depressive mode after our meeting?
Tree - Birds - Roads - Moon - Mice

Roads in the middle talk about a state of indecisive-ness or not knowing what to do. This is what's happening right now.
In the Past we had this comfortable, being home kind of feeling. Tree+Birds is my "being home" combo because Birds live on Trees.  Tree is enhanced if its placed closer to Roads. Therefore, we can say that this growth in the relationship and this stronger rooted connection (Tree) we have has made us nervous (Birds) and we don't know what to do (Roads).

In future, I see loss of sleep, we are already at it. He is taking pills to sleep and I spend nights awake, trying to figure out what's exactly wrong.

So story-line we have this deep connection, where we are supposed to grow and learn from each other (Tree), we are not feeling well in body and spirit (Tree+Birds). this is causing the anxiety and nervous about the options we have (Birds+Roads).The Roads in the middle tell me that we are at a decision point, we are not sure what to do, we cannot find the way to success (Roads+Moon) and this is what is causing the sleeplessness and other problems (Moon+Mice). Birds also suggest insomnia which both of us are having.we are not sure of these are the words of illusion(Birds+Moon) we are having and the Roads add to the unsure feelings. This is causing stress at spiritual level and this feeling of being eaten at (Tree+Mice).We both have been pretty ill with upset stomachs in last three days.

Adding the Cards: 13-Child: The major cause for all this is feeling vulnerable. We are scared that we are being too naive and exposing too much and the fear of getting hurt.

Q: What should I do to make him feel better and secure?
Snake - Garden - Storks - Book - Rider

Snake + Garden = a socialising woman
Snake + Storks = a woman who brings change, bring something better
Storks + Garden = Changes that make one appear in public

Its talking about a change that brings a woman in public, I should plan another date with him.

Storks + Book = Secret changes, changes caused by discovering something
Storks + Rider = a message about journey
Book + Rider = A message which will remain a secret, a secret visit

This definitely points towards a secret visit which can bring a change, a positive change I hope, and this can be about meeting again. This will be a secret meeting (Garden+Book).

Adding them together : 71=8-Coffin. End whatever happened before and start afresh. Coffin is temporary pain that usually passes. So I should start it over to make him feel better. 

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