Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another 3x3 practice question

This question is a sequence to this post.

Q: What does she need to do in order to have a stable, healthy, long-term relationship?

The other question dealt mainly with what is blocking the way. This question deals with the aspect of what needs to be done.Of course an effort is needed in both regards and remember, both are different aspects, not same.

The first card: hope, faith and new path. This is my wish card, it tells me that we should never give up wishing on the Stars because we never know which one might come true. This card tells that she needs to remain hopeful and keep wishing. Its the power of faith that is biggest of all other powers.

The central card, Child. She needs a new beginning. Sometimes we are so used to the patterns and routines in our life, we forget the essence of life is change. She needs to start it fresh. Again the Child-like belief in things will also boost up the energy.

1:A huge power of faith and believe is needed, which will resolve the troubles she is in. It looks like her faith is being blocked because of the negative energy present around. Whip is the negative energy here which needs to end with Mountain/Cross. Whip can also be the aggression which of bottled up, results in depression.
2: The learning about working of karma and the working of power of faith will help her on the way. There is some learning involved. She can not get her wish until she learns that there are burdens which we all have to carry, and this is where the growth comes in.She needs to grow up/learn/mature spiritually.
3: The power of optimism, will eventually shine through the clouds, set backs and hindrances. She needs to be the sun, that one ray of hope which comes out of the Clouds will eventually get her going towards a change.

1: One one side of book there is night, on the other side there is day. After every night there is a day. The extreme power of faith and hope is all that helps us learn about the true essence of life.
2: After she climbs the mountain, which can be a spiritual journey too, will come a fresh new beginning and improvements (Lighter side of clouds towards Child). The future right now is unclear, unless the fresh start happens.
3: Troubles/aggression/discussions end and a new change happens.The last line is quite hopeful.

Stars - Child - Ship ; An innocent belief in change and movement.

Sun - Child - Whip : The energy needs to be channelized to another fresh start (Whip is something done for second time).

Sun - Mountain- Ship: A move to foreign lands.

Stars - Clouds - Whip: Literally clear up the Confusions so that the stars can come out. She needs some mental clarity.

Summary: In this reading I can see that some major hindrances need to be overcome. There is strong requirement for patience, clarity, faith and hope. It looks like nothing in the material world is holding her back, its more related to her spiritual well-being. Her soul needs to be cleansed and be new before something can happen for her.

All my friends, please send some positive energy her way so that things can eventually work out in her favor.


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