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Grand Tableau for February 2012 (Updated)

Finally, my 6th Monthly Grand Tableau.

The Cut:
Fish - Lilies - Ring

I have found myself torn between many options this month. The mental balance seemed to be lost and a relationship that was once comforting was all of sudden hitting the rocks and situation was too unclear for me.

The First Three Cards:
Ring - Fox - Bear

A relationship (and I know exactly which one) requires some digging. Its time to open eyes and see through things with power of reasoning and logic.

This was referring to my relationship (a really strong bind and how I know Ring has been its symbol, because this card has always appeared in my readings for this relationship) with my Karmic soul mate. There were things that needed to be learnt and the thing I learnt the most from it was how strong I am, what mental and emotional strength I have got and how many compliments I can get for it (the last one was not a joke really).

The Corner Cards:
Ring - Mice / Man - Cross
A relationship gets broken, has holes in it, or is breaking up. Ring followed by any negative card means its hitting the rocks.
A Man is going to disappear from my life. The Cross ends whatever is to the left, here it is putting an end to this chapter.

Ring - Man / Cross-Mice
An unavailable man who is burdened and worried.

What happened was that, this Karmic soul mate of mine, I think our purpose in each other's lives was served, or at least his purpose in mine was. He did actually got wiped off the book of my life like he never existed. 

Fate Card: What is set in motion:
Garden - Heart - Rider - Moon

Garden - Heart can be a dating site, or a Lover's point, with Valentine's day this month, you know what I'm talking about. The Rider - Moon can be a romantic individual, a psychic message, a message in dream.

Well nothing like that happened though. There has been a new friend whom I met on line on a social networking site (Garden) and well, we clicked really good.I have been seeing lots of dreams this month, actually they are really vivid. I have not been able to interpret the meaning yet, but hopefully I will by next month.

Garden - Heart (a fair-heart person I met through a network of people) Storks - Clouds (brought a change, a positive change when the confusions were clearing up) House - Book (and makes me feel how introverted I am when it comes to family and close friends).

Rider -Moon (The dreams and the messages I receive at night through my divination methods etc, ) Sun - Mountain (are making me down, blocking my optimism) Bear - Whip (resulting in negative aggression and annoyed feelings, just like a Bear who is trapped in trouble.

The thing is that this month was really a bad time. There was lots happening at the same time, and most of that was because of Mars retro, Saturn retro and it was exhausting. I was greatly depressed because of my Sun sign ruler retro in First house, making me introvert, internally annoyed and at the same time Saturn retro right opposite my Sun. Too much frustration.On the top, Moon was being opposed by Saturn last few days, it was horrible.

Analysing Lady (me):
Lady is in house of Heart, and in house of Lady is Sun, even though things were twisting and turning, I was optimistic. My heart was warm and my head was high. At the far right of the spread, I was, however, constantly haunted by memories of the past. I'm so happy the month has finally ended. I would never want to be in the same place again. In house of Sun is Mountain, blockages, delays, being stuck, you name it. Its the exact Saturn opposite Sun placement here.

On top of lady is Man and Clover. Whatever was with this man and the small happiness I found, it was on my mind throughout the month. 
Below me, is Mice. Ok I agree it was in my control, but somehow, Couldn't do much.

Counting; every fifth card: Lady - Clouds - Garden - Fox - Dog - Child - Snake - Roads
I'm seeing that things are clearing up but still I see trouble with interacting with people or meeting new people, I have become cautious and then a friend helps out by bringing a fresh start and I feel like I'm going to a zig-zag road.
Fours: Lilies - Clover - Snake - Lady
The peace and hope are not stable , rather shaky for me right now. I do feel a sense of independence found this month.

Knighting: I was feeling like I'm locked into the past and I've lost the key(Key), this was stressful(Mountain).A friend was quite helpful (Dog).
Analysing negative cards:
Whip is in house of House and is closer to house as well. I had plenty many arguments with my family members this month. The Bear was making me feel like a Bear who is trapped. Also I faced some financial troubles, I was short on money and that was more frustrating. Closer to Tree, it caused some health issues too when I did a posture in wrong manner during Yoga (Tree).

Scythe is in house of Garden, my social life this month was absolute Zero. I did not attend a single party this month.Scythe + Sun cut my laptop's power cord that day, Scythe +Birds was my ended connection with someone close. He all of sudden (Scythe) stopped texting and calling me.

Coffin, right next to me, I was literally mourning over my losses this month. Coffin is in house of Mice, yes losses, I dreaded them. In House of Coffin is Man, losing him! Behind the Coffin is Roads, my options that were not available any more. 

Mice is in house of Moon, so many worries at night, worries about emotions, worries about dreams, everything. Fish - Mice was a financial narrow-path I do not have enough money and I need some stuff done which I cannot do on my own.

Cross is in house of Ring. In house of Ring is Moon. There was this relationship which was more based on illusions and fantasies, it ended though, not as painfully as I had thought.

Analysing Book for studies:
Book is in house of Snake and that is how my exams went (*sad face*). In house of Book is Anchor, I need to get organized and stable in my studies, which I still have not. Things got a little stagnant because of the semester ending and the new semester starts next month. In house of Anchor is Rider, I should expect a news (Result) soon which will complete this semester (Ring in house of Rider).
Book-Bear I had lots of workload this month, Book-Storks but things have changed after exams, I can relax now (Till the result ofcourse).
Knighting: The exams ended (Clover) and waiting for new semester now (Child).The project is scaring me ?(Coffin) and I feel nervous (Owls).
Analysing Key for what is important:
Key is in house of Fox , Some lies and treacheries are meant to be opened this month (and they did) and in house of Key is Garden , which tells me its success or a new change in social life. Specially with Storks nearby , I did not see any change, but I did find my strength back.

Covering Cards: Every fourth card is removed and removed Nine cards are shuffled and are used to answer some questions:
Who is this person Dog:
Clover - Lady - Moon
This is a person who bring me hope and makes me feel romantic and sensitive.

What is this relationship (Ring) about?
Clouds - Mice - Man
Clearing up the confusions for a worried man.

What about this love (Heart)?
Whip - Child - Scythe
This is repeated new beginning which happens all of sudden.

The nine cards are then used as a large card formation:
------------------Man + Child -----------------------
Scythe + Mice-------Clouds ----------Whip + Clover
-----------------Moon + Lady------------------------

The Clouds was me this month, so confused,troubled, nothing was clear.
In my head were the memories of him
At my deepest core was my emotions and the way I was feeling alone and strange, a lonely moon.
Behind me was the luck I had.
In front of me was the unrest, worries and hasty decisions.
[From Iris Treppner's Course]
In a GT there is lots to interpret, I would not write everything here, but counting and fours are a great way for gathering extra information. I will explain both methods in  my next post Grand Tableau part II.

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